Monday, November 5, 2012

Feeding Frenzy

Broken cable, elevator shaft, broken rules, get the shaft
Falling into free fall, rocking, falling,
Fear daggers thrown, child eye daggers,
Stab with those eyes
Cut the veil, cut the sheet
Look at who is on the other side
Mud bucket, slosh bucket, waiting for you at the bottom
To rinse those feet, dip those shoes into water,
Out of slime, into slime
Backwards into the mud, walk away and don’t remember,
But, we remember.
As the daggers cut and slice
The mud can’t hurt
If it’s washed off, cleaned and scrubbed
But it festers in that dagger wound that stares
With the verbal bacteria and pus,
All festering and rotting
And we are in a free falling elevator
Listening to the top hat, dapper spat
Tux coat, waist coat (waste coat)
Silver stripes and silver tongue
Politely nods for you to take a dip
Dip your shoes into the slime bucket to get clean
While he turns his head, tips his bowler
With no good tips but to dip into the slime
As it festers in the blinking wound
We all get pink slips from ourselves
Fired for being fired up
All fired up and we can’t recall that we caused it all
Being fools and dipping into the paint chip,
Sheep dip slime bucket in free fall
Shame on us all
As the little dagger eyes stare up
We push them away no room in the elevator
Of the free fall cat call, high ball
Media blitz, blitz torte
Oozing cable, oozing pus, rusty cable
Blood drips and tears leak as we free fall
Get off the elevator
Watch your shoes, don’t wash your shoes
In the slime bucket broken down cable car
Free fall comes to a stall
Landing on stacks of money at the bottom of it all.

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