Thursday, May 31, 2012


Gazebo boxers            
Jabbing at air
Sparring with shadows
That are hunting them down
To do their violent dance
At the abandoned pavilion
Drawing an audience
Of few who care
Or even notice the gunshots
In the alley that force
The struggle into the light
While delicate divas
Ride their bikes
In the middle of the sidewalk
Plowing down pedestrians
Laughing at the gunfire
As if this were an everyday
A mere annoyance
Like a bird
Swooping too close,
Something intangible that is
Only someone else’s problem
Expecting a wide berth
While surrendering none
To the hearth of humanity
While the man
In the upstairs apartment
Watches it all
Fighting his own struggle
With the stinging in his eyes.

Friday, May 25, 2012


The day that I met my clone was rather ordinary since I get used to weird sh*t like that these days even though 

she didn’t look like me or talk like me but I knew that she was the other me because we shared the same first

 name and she had the last name of that guy who wanted to marry me when I was a different me and her son 

was named the name that I wanted to name my son if I ever had one and she went to that same kind of  TV 

con-man church that the guy who wanted to marry me became a preacher at, but all I could think about was 

how he was such a cheap  and sleazy bastard that I wanted to hit him over the head with something lethal so I 

thought that I better not marry him because it’s not only wrong, but I didn’t really want to waste my life in the 

slammer because of him and my clone can have that life with that mess and that sleazebag even though she 

married someone else probably nicer who just shared that same last name and was nothing like that slimy slob 

who lived off other people’s emotions and pity while he polished those gold capped teeth and combed that 

wavy pompadour and waxed his ‘stache and put on that phony smile as he reached into your pocket and 

admired your wallet and I know all about that because he admired my wallet one too many times, so when I 

met my clone, I was just so happy that she was my clone and I was me.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Winnings

“I’ll take a liver.”

“I’ll up the ante with a kidney and a pancreas.”

“A double? Whoa!!! You lucked out!”

“Are you sure you’re not cheating? Whenever you have an extra pint of blood, you do.”

“I’ll surrender one lung for a heart!”

“Game over. The heart always wins.”

“Yeah, that really sucks. Hee-hee…”

“Fine comment coming from the marrow.”

“So what are you going to do with your extra body parts?”

“Sell them.”

“Hold on to them – you never know when you need extra parts.”

“Are you freakin’ nuts??!! How will you store them?”

“Cryogenic stasis, I suppose.”

“That doesn’t work.”

“How do you know, Mr. Cryogenic Brain?”

“I’m just sayin’ that they don’t last very long without connections!”

“Yeah. We all know about good connections.

“So what about the corner…with all the extra healthy goods?”

“I’m putting them all in my living will, a donation.”

“Bloody hero.”

                                     -In Memory of Frank

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


triple soak in a half-cocked desperation
“you ain't mad! you ain't mad”
dripping away and dripping away
shuffle the steam-cloak from your shoulders
shuffle the earth clod shoes to the door
and make a tiled-heart workspace in your throat
where the beater-elves
and work that elfin magic on your tiled-heart workspace

Monday, May 21, 2012


Warm summer winds picking up
Stirring up something in the skies
Listening to the sudden pitter-patter
Of little feet
Falling from the sky
Falling on the roof
Pelting the hood of my car
Windshield blocked,
Sunlight blocking a clear view
Clear day, clear mind
Except for those feet falling from the sky
Crow foot, claw foot,
Big foot, yes, I saw Bigfoot…
Yeti-like and pedicured
No escape on a clear day
From clear eyes, cat’s claws
Frog feet stomping down,
Stepping down from reality
Sweltering and sweating
Underneath it all
Calling for the parking lot attendant
To make it stop
As negative Nelly and those feet are
Trickling down, sliding down, bearing down
On my faith
Only seeing the palms of those feet
Stomping and tapping
Jumping and jogging
As I wake from
A nap in the park
With a bug on my forehead.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cup o' the Day

As the cotton candy skies rise 

Over the lake

Sand dune barriers are pushing 

Upward and outward

In the wind 

Around the brush

Through the errant branches

Exposing tree trunks recently spewed out

By the reckless water

Smoothing out, roughing out

Reformulating layers of cells

Redesigning what seemed 

Steady and unchangeable

Dashing upon the shoreline with pixie playfulness

Crashing on the rocks

While in the solitude

 A blackbird is grasping tight, holding tight

Clutching on to the tip 

Of a youthful arbor vitae

As the sails glide by,

Pulled and dragged

By an impish air current

As the surfer floats and gleams and beams

With a beautiful, bellowing gasp of breath

For the first ray of the morning.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ancestral Flame

Paging through letters

Paging through time

Searching for answers

From the ghost of

A long forgotten memory

An unresolved puzzle of 

A life richly embraced

By an ancestor whose spirit 

Reaches out from the grave

With a longing for acknowledgement,

A delicate touch through the chasms

Of crossed timelines,

Crossed stars

In the ethereal longitude and latitude of the mind

For a tale untold is a person forgotten,

A loss through true death,

A loss that is softened and erased

As we revive the tale,

We restore their being to

A state of immortality

That can never be destroyed 

As long as we talk and search and remember and love.