Friday, June 28, 2013

Operative Effect

Haunted by the odor
Of a past
Shamed by
Nearby townsfolk
Stan is
Taunted for living
In the tannery breeze
From the West
Where sweat sticks to
Hard earned dollars
Metal chips nestle
Into pant cuffs
Sawdust magnetically attracted
To oil covered callouses
Becoming a symbol of
Something more
Than honest labor,
Simple comforts
To a proud craft
Char and flames
Forge something
Deeper within
That is now lost
To all but a memory
Floating down an avenue
Sweetly enticing
With the aroma
Of smoky bacon
Over fruitless branches
Causing a fragrant contemplation
Of a generation
Always scented
Of home
And a glorious hero

Saturday, June 22, 2013

(Mid) Western News

Floored. Stunned. Honored. Ecstatic. Speechless. Bootless.           

     The good people at Cowboy Poetry Press have published a new poem of mine,"Cowgirl's Factory Blues" in their June 2013 - Week Three edition. You can check it out here!

     I am absolutely thrilled to be included with their amazing authors and artists! 

     The verbal and visual images in Cowboy Poetry Press are guaranteed to stir up some dust from deep within.

     Loosen up your saddle and have a good read!        


Thursday, June 13, 2013


Trying to delicately extract
The burning pain
That lies deep
Within an empty
Chest cavity
Where a heart
Used to beat
While watching
Through that plexi-glass
Barrier that prevents
Me from holding onto
Your tiny finger
Untainted hand
Unwanted guidelines
Keeping our shadows alive
In each other’s presence
Through mystical power,
Verbal synergy,
And eternal resolve

Monday, June 10, 2013

Some News For Yeh, Pardner!

Today, the new issue of Cowboy Poetry Press went up. For those of you who have not checked it out yet, please do so now! There is some amazing Cowboy (of course) and Native American poetry in this magazine.

Besides being well worth your time to visit, it is also free.

Who doesn't like free and good poetry?

I am also absolutely thrilled to tell you that one of my poems, "Prospectin'," has been published in this issue (June 2013 Issue, Week 2).

Have a gander now, and visit often!

Thank you kindly!


Friday, June 7, 2013

Zillions of Thanks!

Thank you so much to all of you who attended the poetry reading last night!

I found out that I can easily talk over twenty people without a microphone.

The best advice that I was given prior to the event was to have a bottle of water nearby and to read slowly. Since I drink LOTS of coffee, that was some of the best advice that I have actually heeded in a long time.

The group at the Cudahy Family Library last night was wonderfully gracious!

My good friend, Andja, also made some delightful Serbian desserts that were as beautiful as they were delicious.

Have a look at more photos from the poetry reading on Tumblr:

Great weekend to all!