Monday, September 29, 2014

Jousting in Time

So you are gone,
and I didn't expect you to go
(as if anyone expects it),
but I thought you would have left
a forwarding address
(at the very least).

Gone are calls,
snarky posts at one another,
and stories only we appreciated;
names only we could pronounce.

So you are gone,
and I'm just sitting here.
Waiting it out.
Wondering how long.
Wondering which words will be my last.

I have started capitalizing words,
and using punctuation.


Your barometric drop
comes back daily.

Some days.

And I sit,
and I scribble down words,
and the words don't always come,
but every evening always does.

(like I said)
I just stack firewood
and try to keep warm.