Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Not Quite Enough

He gives his best
When the boss demands more
He gives his best
When the wife wants those chocolate diamonds
That he can't afford
He gives his best
When the kids want those toys
He doesn't understand
He gives his best
When his buddies want him at every game
Play every hand
He gives his best
When every charity in town
Asks him to volunteer
He gives his best
When his sisters want him
To take in the old man
With the tears in his beer
He gives his best
When he slumps into bed each night
Knowing that he gives his best

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kiss, Kiss

Staring up at blurry faces

First, those tender loving mauves
Just gone through quick hell,
Fast heaven

Followed by smoochie, rough

Five o’clock shadow

Placed delicately on my forehead

After watching those rambunctious

Sibling slobberers surround me

So attentive

A few bright red lipsticks

From future mentors

Coloring my cheeks

Liquor breath on top of my head

From a smiling celebrant

All waiting for me to return

The favor with

A wink or a coo.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Next of Kin

Looking at the photo,
I saw myself in you
Same jaw and nose
Jutted outward defiantly
Hoping that I could
Crack the code
Of your mysteries
Wondering if we shared
A secretive nature too
Poker face, blank stare
Doesn’t give me any more clue
Than the coat clutched close
Against your throat
From a fierce wind,
Than the documents
Written in illegible ciphers
Than the tree that stood
Anywhere you chose it to be.