Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Flitter pipers splegging
At the see- throughy portal
Splegging for gravel
Splegging for artificial goose freedom
Splegging for sapphire goddess nectar
Neglected jewel,
Neglected  nectar, 
Neglected gravel
Piping and flitting
With dull yellow pencils
And shranky dust ruffles
Splegging for timber and tots
In the blue temple blue

Friday, March 22, 2013

Universal Fact

All aliens drive Galaxies
I knew it was true
When I watched that
TV program in the 60’s
My theory was confirmed
When I owned
That Mercury Comet
The person driving a
Restored metallic gold Galaxy
Gave me the twisted finger signal
By the look on his face
I knew that he had a disc
In his pocket
That they use on my kind
To zap our memories
Being plagued by the stares
Coming from a Vega, Saturn and Taurus
I traded in the Comet for an old Nova
But then I saw that Zephyr
Following me
So I was going to keep an eye on him
In my rear view mirror
When I saw those glazed-over
Alien red eyes looking back
And I realized that
It was my own reflection

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Freeze Frame

Snow fell hard
To the earth
Boulder strength
Feather touch
Blocking my path
Shaking my footing
Drawing admiration
Along with disdain
As in any other strained relationship
Snow is challenging work
Romanticized by a movie
A greeting card
Even a fearless assassin
Breaking backs and spirits
Snow is a seductive and unreliable lover
Invigorating the senses
Appearing and vanishing
At Snow’s own whim
But, once held
Is always remembered