Thursday, October 31, 2013

Creepy Feast

Wormy green apples
Covered in caramel glue
Specially hand-made
By my great-aunt Lou
My sisters made popcorn balls
With something so vile
Last time they served them
They went up on trial
Uncle Rick’s soup in a cauldron
Is looking at you
I thought that it winked
Through the liquidy goo
Lady finger cakes
With real painted nails
Curled up and dried
Served up in pails
Next year – no relatives!
I’ll stay home alone
On Halloween night,
Watching "Twilight Zone"


Prompt #181 We Write Poems

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Procrastinator's Stew

Paging through color photos
Mysteriously coded instructions
Appearing as gibberish
To a clouded mind,
Growling stomach
Frustrated by epic long lists
Of foreign ingredients
Evading a sad larder
Crying out
For a farmer’s market fix,
Spice market sit-in
Butcher’s brawl,
Baker’s punching bowl,
Begging for an air-drop
Into a cramped kitchen
With a half-hour
Til company arrives
Time only for
A quick Ciao
And a pick up
Of Italian carry-out

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pulaski Alley, 1964

Old Mrs. Meezly
With the
Carefully sculpted scowl
Lived across
The street from
The childhood homestead
Never stepping outside
Except to yell at
Obnoxious urchins
Wandering too near
The wrought iron gate,
Protector of thorny shrubs
And hoodwinked rumors
From buffoons
Defying the pointed finger tremors,
Screechy party-line howls
Fear and bravado colliding
With children’s souls on
All Hallows Eve
Taunting the door
Answered by
Bruised crab apple treats
Scavenged from
A haunted tree
Tokens of trepidation
With an ominous smile

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Scout's Honor

Listening for the sound
Of firing muskets,
Cannonball explosions,
Broken twigs,
Stallion breath
Paid with disease
For services rendered
Avoiding the
Claustrophobic walls 
Of fort school
For the Spirit calling
Choice between the
Ancestors of
White father,
Native mother,
Mother Earth singing 
Her ancient song
To a drum
Inside his chest
Spirit of Father Sky
Raining tormented streams
From his eyes

In memory of Grandfather Pierre