Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Time Slip

The heart scores a wild beat
Deep in his chest
Up in his throat
Pounding with an odd thrill
A nano-second of inexplicable joy
Juvenile rambunctiousness
Saved for a holiday
Or a birthday
Some rare delight
That turns the clock in reverse
For an unforeseen treat
To the time that he got his first mitt
From his older sister
Who cheered him on
As he played that forgotten game
With his grandfather
Who smiled and
Bared  a gold front tooth
That reflected in the sunlight
Passing through the overhead leaves
Nudged by a gentle breeze
Carrying the scent of
Leather and sweet tobacco
Intertwined with the arbor vitae
Bringing him back
To the moment he left
Which seemed like decades ago
Drawing him to walk back
To the parking lot,
Asking the vendor with the stogie
In his mouth:
“How much for that tree?”

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