Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Freeze Frame

Snow fell hard
To the earth
Boulder strength
Feather touch
Blocking my path
Shaking my footing
Drawing admiration
Along with disdain
As in any other strained relationship
Snow is challenging work
Romanticized by a movie
A greeting card
Even a fearless assassin
Breaking backs and spirits
Snow is a seductive and unreliable lover
Invigorating the senses
Appearing and vanishing
At Snow’s own whim
But, once held
Is always remembered


  1. A beautiful evocation of snow, but realistic - it can be such a darned nuisance! Your last line is so true. We say "you know when that was, it was when it snowed in November".

  2. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Viv! Yes, snow, like so much in nature, is beautiful and dangerous and memorable.

  3. Interesting musings on snow. It's true that it's romanticized.