Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cooler Heads

Last Saturday night
At the Peace and Love convention,
Uncle Ben
With the red eyes,
Bulbous toe
Chronically infected
With cherry licorice
Had a few words with
My old Uncle Paco
With the black eyes
And perennially blooming teeth
About the proper method
Of removing genetically excessive
Knuckle hair from their
Right and left pinkies.
Uncle Ben pushed his method
Of shaving all but
One inch of hair
Then methodically tweezing
Every other follicle
On every other day
While Uncle Paco insisted
That it is imperative
To massage your feet before
Doing the exact same method.
Uncle Ben’s red eyes
And toe turned to flame
While Uncle Paco’s charcoal eyes
Seared and charred his
Green dental foliage
Until Solly, the man who
They both claimed
As their best friend
Who always wore lavender oil
To the Peace and Love Convention
For obvious reasons,
Stepped lightly
In between,
Calming the two brothers
With his loving aroma
Of mediation,
Tears his eyes,
Solly explained how
There was no difference
Between their knuckle hair
Removal methods
When you looked at the
Larger scope of life
As long as their knuckles
Eventually were hairless.
Uncle Ben and Uncle Paco
Shared a brotherly
Understanding in their eyes
Before they both punched out Solly’s lights.

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