Monday, October 13, 2014

All You Got Left

hijacked stares
and high-jacked stairs
looking for all the world
a loss

given to sucking his teeth
and malt liquor power shakes
wrapped in
fish-bone dyepaper
lost as a thousand
underwater lamps
shining on the path to atlantis

wrecked and wreaked
roped and doped
shelling the high heel goddess
man-sized artillery
shells and canister
super male vitality
satchmo nacho
give it quick and don't look back
wrap around the clock

he trips
he sneers
he quips
he tears
and a coal-black
(what is coal anymore?)
coal-black jacket
coal-black face
coal-black trousers
coal-black heart
hijack the goddess
and look for all the world

a loss

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