Monday, June 11, 2012


Nobody’s hero 

Don’t believe a word of it

Nobody’s angel

Just a broad on the lam

With a good luck streak

And a charm in a tattered pocket

Keeping on the right side of the wrong tide

With an accidental good intention

Never been a role model for anybody

On this side of the universe

The garbage pickers of the underworld
May glance sideways

Only to find competition 

For that cement shoe fitting

With some rhinestone toe clips

And a halo made of someone else’s

Drunken alley delusion

The shattered neon is

Just a buzzing distant reminder

Of some other irritating soul

Like a sad clarinet

With broken trill keys,

Without a reed,

Nothing of quality,

Cheapening the dream

With no cloud and no sheep

Just a frayed bat-wing sleeve

And a constant smudge of mascara

Across a porcelain veneer.

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