Friday, June 22, 2012

scratch (for friend? for brother? for lover?)

Would that I could reach
but the air, too thin
and the bridge, too long
and the skin-thin veil of this present world
(this present, current world)
(this layer of life-onion in flesh-tone thunder)
the skin-thin veil of reality
(the current reality)
does not permit my trembling touch
(my nerveless grasp, one day)
(on that day that the chill dews glisten)
the trembling touch to relieve and to soothe
ignite and burn
with open mouth and breathless word
to be the balm

The veil pulled back and
pale skin flushed
a shallow grave
marked with a dry, force-fit acacia
never forfeit
trembling touch pulled back and the lion's paw held tight
blue is the starry-decked heaven
blue is the vein
blue the heart
eternal the burn