Monday, September 10, 2012

The Grind

Hating that crushed pepper
Cracked pepper, ground pepper
Burning my thumb
Burning a memory of a child
With rules to live by
Follow them, break them
Suffer the consequences
Feel the pain
Eat that black pepper
Sprinkled on your food
On your hand
Speak no evil and nothing will ever happen to you
With the bar of soap in your mouth
At the swine bar
Hogging the bar, hogging the pepper
Barring all convention
Barring all pain
And all that jazz
That sprinkles and sizzles and burns
And cries out for more spice in the sunlight
Under the shiny mess that crinkles your potatoes
Cries out for more pepper
And disciplines the frivolity
Do what is right and leave the spice to everybody else
Crunch those crackers and notes and numbers
That bends and pushes the pepper
Hot stuff, hot rush on Rush Street
Cry like a baby
Drink the pepper sauce
Crying for a new destination, new wooden ruler
Wooden spoon making the rules
Cracking the whip
Cracking the pepper
As we all crack up.

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