Friday, August 31, 2012


Juggling rubber checks in the dark
Hope that they don’t bounce or snap
No control, out of control
Watch the fire and the sparks
That keep the neon snakes at bay
Smile with those painted clown smiles
Distract from the files,
File away, look sharp
In those viper fangs
Waiting for any excuse to attack
Bait the prey, pray for bait
Sparks fly and singe the crowd
Avoid the debacle and the threat
To the juggler’s jugular
With the skill of blind justice
One eye covered,
Only partially just
As the cries and fears at the performance
Keep the speculators under control
Mesmerized with the spell 
Of the lights in the ebony sky
So dark, so distant, so vast, so eternal
Hook the unsuspecting tourist
Who grasps a tidbit
Of the aerial attraction
Seeing the truth, knowing the secret
Smirking at the faux pythons
And the rat-a-tat shoes
That flip and flop and conceal what grounds us all

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