Thursday, May 9, 2013


His worn, lucky shoes
Sliding on highly polished lanes
Polyurethane alley
Magic gloves caressing the
Scratched old faithful apple
Wishful strikes and perfect scores
Evading the sad scorecard
With a crashing, thunderous split
Causing bets, making bets
As the clumsy error
Of an accidental damsel
Takes the scenic route
Crossing lanes, crossing lives
Rolls a spare
Sparing his bet
Losing the set
Winning a more perfect game
With a laugh and a glimmer
And a wholesome heart


  1. Give him a name and join the party of adventurers at We Write Poems. Love the detail you manage in so few words, the scene, the noise, the wins and losses and his emotions.


    1. Elizabeth,
      Naming him is a good idea. I will have to ponder that. Thanks!

  2. Going to try this again. I really like this poem, Denise. Like how you carved out his character with clear details and spoke of his emotions through the sport he participates in. You should consider joining us in the story verse prompts at We Write Poems.