Friday, July 26, 2013


watercolor crankdream
painted on inmate canvas stream
fuel another steelconcrete spasm
and Pinny
(you know Pinny)
(Pinny talks)
Pinny rambles on and on
and the watercolor crankdream ends
and another begins
another letter
another letter
another watercolor crankdream
tear it carefully
(and slowly, may I add)

the dream takes Pinny
Pinny takes the dream
and a burn like a burn like a burn
and he can't get more
and can't get more
and the body shakes
(it never goes away)
and insects crawl up inside
the flesh moves and crawls
with a million little legs
in the godawful
watercolor crankdream

my teeth are moving”
says Pinny
and Pinny talks
Pinny talks
blood trickles down
where the flesh gets picked
and the flesh gets picked
where the dreams are stripped
stripped to the waist in a concrete dream
and blackink watercolor crankdream stream
overflows the half-stripped bank
bank of flesh
bank of america
bank on this, my crankmouth man
as the watercolor crankdream
stopping slow
and starting
stopping slow
and a steel post
steel door
steel post beam
reek sweat and steam
the bone is hard but the steel is chill
and the watercolor crankdream harder still

contusion, they said
hemorrhage, they said
no one spoke of the
million little legs
in the godawful
watercolor crankdream
wet and cold and stiff
in a fluidpool on concrete dream
eyes all wide
eyes all glazed
rainbow tongue
hand clutching the letter
of the watercolor

watercolor dream

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