Friday, January 4, 2013

Anniversary Sale

Woke up with messy hair
Scrambled brains
Reached for the annoying
Clang clang of the alarm
Snapped the pull shade
Sunlight smacked me in the face
As the phone rang
The voice on the other end
Thwapped my head
Shaking loose ideas
That were brewing and fermenting
Time to pop the cork
Write a few notes
Of something missing
Between the lines
Share the rubber band snap
With a sip
Of liquid inspiration
And a sigh

Re-posted for We Write Poems Prompt 151 Morning Poem on 4-12-2013


  1. Congratulations, to both of you,


  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for stopping in! The party will be happening all week. There must be some Amaretto around here somewhere.

  3. I have perhaps one or two servings of Amaretto Slush in the freezer. I make it for Christmas each year. I'm sure it will work fine. Oh, and by the way, I like your poem.


  4. Nice. I've shifted my writing time to the morning...
    Each day can be an anniversary - being able to be standing and upright. :) Cheers.