Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Trying to ignore it
They turn away
Change conversation
Avoiding the horror
Of the obvious
Ridged scar
Memory of the knife
Fine line
Between birth and death
Elation and anguish
Tuck it away in a cozy little pocket
Smooth scar
Honorable reminder of
Victory of the battle
Success of healing
Joyful legacy of life
Beautiful scar


  1. As one who owns such a mark, I salute your economy of words. Wonderfully concise taking us from ugly fresh wound to a beautiful mark for the willingness to survive, to continue. And yes, I agree, extremely difficult not to turn it into a long essay. Congratulations, Denise,


  2. Thank you, Elizabeth! Scars are in a way like poetry: they carry deeper hidden meanings.

  3. I hadn't thought of a scar in this way, but you're right in that they can be beautiful when it holds the "success of healing".