Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Always Greener

Running from the hometown 

Homegrown soot

Closed minded, close knit

Judgmental looks

Immature taunts

Of the city of my upbringing

With dark cast clouds

Shadows that follow and haunt

Broken windows, rundown storefronts

Nauseating odors

Making me sad

Searching for a new life,

New beginning 

In a place just like home

With the familiar faces

Shared history

Rustic beauty and simplicity

That we all yearn for

Knowing your neighbors 

For generations

Comforted by the old cherished buildings

Congenial companions

Humorous characters

Making me feel wistful

For barefooted walks, 

Bacon scented breezes

The charm of the lovely dusk

In my romantic hometown


  1. Your poem strikes many chords, Denise. How when we run, it is always to and from something, all at the same time. The push/pull is an equal force, which may be why we 'edit' our memories. I am now back in the city of my birth after a forty year sojourn, constantly amazed at how similar those two different places really are.


  2. Elizabeth,
    Thanks for reading this. Most locations are the same until we find ourselves.

  3. nicely done....enjoyed reading....and thanks for sharing your words

    1. Wayne, Thanks for visiting this site and for your kind comments.

  4. a poignant take on the prompt. how often do we not realize how much something means to us until we no longer have it in our lives? well done!

  5. Thank you for visiting the site and commenting, Dani. It is ironic how time changes that. I appreciate your kind words.