Monday, November 11, 2013

apparent self-strangulation

hanging by a thread
and hanging by a rope

they gave him enough rope

rope burn hives like beef-jerky twine
kick the stool if no one kicks it for you
drop like a sack of lead
if the lead in the paint don't kill you

i got the cash, i got the cash”
you got the crank?”
i got the crank”

he got the rope
he got the stool
and a rope burn hive like beef-jerky twine
solid as breath
stagnant as death
and hoop-holler nightmare
stool-kicking time

waste it left and right in a blur
knocking over motels
knocking over gas stations
knocking over line after line after line
steelcold crystal burn like baking lime
and a rope burn hive like beef-jerky twine
run and cut
run and cut
cut his neck and
cut his crank and
cut his life and
cut it short and


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