Friday, November 8, 2013

mick-boy sells it all (meth and sex and hope)

burned up hole-hide
hiding in the ash
hiding in the
little tiny bits
little tiny bits of ground up bone
ground up bone
and the parts that don't burn away to dust
hiding in the hole
that a hole-hiding
death-trap wizard sold as a dream
dream in a death-trap
and slap yourself silly 
with your high-priest scream

done it all, done it all
we have all done it all
but the death trap wizard did it more and better
(for more and better is what we like)
with a day of crank-stuck sex and sweets
stick in a place where it hurts more than usual

sure, you've done it all
we all did it all,
and the life you live in the life you live
looks like ash and bits of bone
and crank-stuck sex and sweets
offered on the corner of your perfect life
you death-trap wizard sliding high-priest steam
with the steam that bleeds
and never burns away to dust
in a crank-stuck stream

you wizard, you

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