Wednesday, November 20, 2013


lock step with jordan
and picking at my face
picking what I do, what I do
I don't pick on jordan
and he don't pick on me
we picked up the anhydrous
and no one picked a fight

I'm gonna' cook it here”
ass, jordan, you kill us both
pick your face and pick a zit
pick your friends, my momma said
pick 'em well
I picked my friends and I picked jordan

lock step with jordan
she gonna come later, pick it up”
we could meet her in the woods
or meet her on the street
or meet her by that house
by the gas station
by the church
that they made into a restaurant
so we met her by the empty apartment
by the bar
by the strip club
by the way, she knew the truth
and I was lock step with jordan
and jordan ran to the woods
and then ran back
and we knew someone was coming

ass, jordan, you kill us both
my momma used to cook in the house
but it was meatloaf and tuna and beans
never cooked like this

and someone was coming
and jordan was shaking
and I was sweating like a puddleboy of death
he started to cook
ass, jordan, I screamed
let's go to the woods
and he was shaking
and I swore I heard a siren
and in a half-light dream like damnass scream
I saw the flames

ass, jordan, you gonna kill us
and he was mumbling, mumbling shaky deathwords
and why he took the white gas to burn the stuff
I'll never know

white gas fail-pass white trash can
bake a crankman and a crankman can
ass, jordan, your face is melting
and the car is burning
and the stuff is going
and the house is catching
we got running

ass, jordan, your face is melting
so I dropped him by the clinic
by the grocery store
by the shelter
by the river
right outta my car
and his ass jordan melty face
all crispymelt eye-slit scary
and I ain't gonna walk
lockstep with jordan no more

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