Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cup o' the Day

As the cotton candy skies rise 

Over the lake

Sand dune barriers are pushing 

Upward and outward

In the wind 

Around the brush

Through the errant branches

Exposing tree trunks recently spewed out

By the reckless water

Smoothing out, roughing out

Reformulating layers of cells

Redesigning what seemed 

Steady and unchangeable

Dashing upon the shoreline with pixie playfulness

Crashing on the rocks

While in the solitude

 A blackbird is grasping tight, holding tight

Clutching on to the tip 

Of a youthful arbor vitae

As the sails glide by,

Pulled and dragged

By an impish air current

As the surfer floats and gleams and beams

With a beautiful, bellowing gasp of breath

For the first ray of the morning.

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