Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Seismic Pessimist

Caught up in the spiral of another’s insanity
Falling free, shaking free,
Shaking loose 
From the guilt and
The swarming confusion 
Surrounding his head
Attempting to transfer the chaos to my brain
Running quickly
Putting up the invisible shield 
Protecting myself from
The anger and the hostility 
And the contradiction that
Plagues his poly-unpleasable brain
Like a festering disease 
Whose contagion spreads 
Multiplies wherever it lands.
Narrowly avoiding a combination of an emotional bacteria
And a spiritual virus
That is so lethal that it can spread 
From person to person,
Emotion to emotion,
Converting a brilliant energy into
A noxious vapor
In a single outburst.
Running, avoiding, 
Near miss with super avatar strength
Crawling out of the swirling, suctioning vortex,
Escaping his fate, his disturbed mind, his poison.

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