Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Winnings

“I’ll take a liver.”

“I’ll up the ante with a kidney and a pancreas.”

“A double? Whoa!!! You lucked out!”

“Are you sure you’re not cheating? Whenever you have an extra pint of blood, you do.”

“I’ll surrender one lung for a heart!”

“Game over. The heart always wins.”

“Yeah, that really sucks. Hee-hee…”

“Fine comment coming from the marrow.”

“So what are you going to do with your extra body parts?”

“Sell them.”

“Hold on to them – you never know when you need extra parts.”

“Are you freakin’ nuts??!! How will you store them?”

“Cryogenic stasis, I suppose.”

“That doesn’t work.”

“How do you know, Mr. Cryogenic Brain?”

“I’m just sayin’ that they don’t last very long without connections!”

“Yeah. We all know about good connections.

“So what about the corner…with all the extra healthy goods?”

“I’m putting them all in my living will, a donation.”

“Bloody hero.”

                                     -In Memory of Frank

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