Monday, May 21, 2012


Warm summer winds picking up
Stirring up something in the skies
Listening to the sudden pitter-patter
Of little feet
Falling from the sky
Falling on the roof
Pelting the hood of my car
Windshield blocked,
Sunlight blocking a clear view
Clear day, clear mind
Except for those feet falling from the sky
Crow foot, claw foot,
Big foot, yes, I saw Bigfoot…
Yeti-like and pedicured
No escape on a clear day
From clear eyes, cat’s claws
Frog feet stomping down,
Stepping down from reality
Sweltering and sweating
Underneath it all
Calling for the parking lot attendant
To make it stop
As negative Nelly and those feet are
Trickling down, sliding down, bearing down
On my faith
Only seeing the palms of those feet
Stomping and tapping
Jumping and jogging
As I wake from
A nap in the park
With a bug on my forehead.

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