Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mercy For......

Protecting your secrets
Concealing your truth
From the soda pop, pop gun mentality
That would suck your life
Leave you bony and dry
Devoid of marrow
Losing your inner core, core beliefs
Outer core, skin deep,
They would pull you into a spittoon vortex
Swirling, repetitious and unending
Justifying with their lies
With any horror that abandons the truth
Lies about love,
Lies about hate
Vaporizing your only true happiness
Through violent outcries
Discarding your soul
With the carelessness of drunken spillage
From an open cask
Without keeping the angel’s share
For the defenseless babe,
An abandoned race,
A lonely and confused elder.
Victimizing the innocent with guilt
Over false honor that kills with piety
While we stand aghast and powerless
To protect the blameless
As the brazen conquer nothing
But coal in their hearts that once burned with pure fire
We do only what is in our power:
Shelter your silence

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