Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Angel Is a Creeper

I knew my angel as soon as I saw him smiling
At me in the coffee shop
With those pale blue eyes
And flopsy curls bouncing
As he jumped like he had a centipede in his undies
Scratching his shoulders
Where wings might have been removed
Because God would only want me
To have a creeper or two watching over me
Or maybe she was that big and tall creaker
With the pig snout
In the zebra print muumuu
Welcoming me to the joys
Of the afterlife
While nudging me back to the animal world
Where I wake up in that same café
Near the condiment bar
With a bump on my head
And spilled soy milk under my shoes
And an EMT telling me that I am okay, but I will
Need to get checked out at a hospital
And that my two friends left once they knew
That I was alright.
Yep, my guardian angel is a creeper
(Or probably two because I am so much trouble)
And that comforts me in a weird sort of way
Since I know that they are staring at me all of the time

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