Friday, April 13, 2012

Black Velvet Turtleneck

Farewell, good friend!

For a dear companion you have been

Throughout the years

Clinging to me during times of feasting and festivities

While hanging loose during the lean years,

Always the flatterer!

My honored guest to every occasion

From the street scene to ballrooms,

Loved by my cats, though you certainly outlived them.

Every child who I knew wanted you for comfort.

Other loves came and went

But you were always patiently waiting for me

Whether I pushed you into the closet

Or shoved you in a corner

Or smashed you into a travel bag

I still stuck with you through the fray

(There were plenty of frays!)

And would never have parted willingly.

I will pine as I say Adieu

And even though you often divided us,

The leather jacket will miss you too.

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