Thursday, April 26, 2012

Never mind, it's nobody

Clearly not seen anywhere

Young shadow becomes invisible

Forgotten in the field 

Because he was always transparent and ever clear

(No, not that one…)

The unnamed, untamed memory hits you like a fierce wave

 Enveloping you and retreating

Nothing done, nothing can be done

To force his image to reappear, conjure him up.

Unseen powers protecting him from getting killed forever

As he dies every day

While we are waiting and stopping and slamming the brakes

And again he disappears as fast as one can glimpse that lost soul

And pray that we’ll never forget what we really never saw.

As he fades back into the battle zone

Making our promises, reassuring pierced hearts

That the numbness in the brain is only

There for a while if we watch and look out

Always, always, always and never, never, never…

Then ambivalence rules

We ignore it, hide it, vacuum it all away.

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