Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mash Pit

Singing in Czech

With a Ramones accent

Rapping to a bossa nova beat

In a jazz quartet formation

Performing a symphony of classics

While just folking around

With those Peruvian horns

Under the disco ball moon

In the polka palace

Where the bongo Kyoto player is

Strumming away on sitar

With bells and chimes

And a yodeling mandolin maestro

Dances to the gypsy swing

Swinging from washboard pipes

Shrieking through the sound hole

Of one cool cat’s fiddle

In the honkytonk plane engine

That runs on pure nuts

Xylophone nuts are not all alike

Neither are all punks:

Pre, post OR cow

All just belting out that gospel tune

Summoning the choir

For a group rehearsal

Of that soulful melody

That takes everybody to the stars.

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