Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Game Changer

Steroid outcome

Benched ambitions, benched emotion

Swollen muscles, swollen ego

Emerging from a new angle daily

Puffy face, puffy eyes

From soaking up uncontrolled passions

Cheered on by the crowds

Who really don’t care,

Really are not your fans

Just humans drenching themselves

In the quest for superiority,

Doused in ethnocentric illusions.

Furniture tossed and broken into splinters

Shards of glass splattered


Succumbing to the will

Of insufferable bravery.

Exploiting the intensity

Of what already exists in the caverns

Of mediocrity

Eradicating it all in a misuse

By one for more power,

Utilized by another to sustain the intolerable

And for yet another,

A heroic act for a chance at life.

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