Monday, January 30, 2012

Call Waiting

You wait for the call

Wait, wait, wait

Patiently first, then impatiently

Call from your doctor

Text from your buddy

Fax from your boss

Call from a publisher (any publisher!)

Voice-mail from the cute guy in apartment 3B

Call from your overly pregnant wife

Expect your brother

Wait for news of your son the Marine

Pause for your girlfriend dying of cancer

Anticipate the organ donor clinic call

Wait for just a tidbit from a Higher Power

No news, no returned calls, no e-mails

No text, no fax, no voice-mail


It rings, buzzes, beeps, chirps, vibrates

Your heart beats faster, skips a beat, you sweat

Take a deep breath

And you know it’s now up to you to

Answer the damned call!

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