Monday, January 23, 2012


Box-Car Benny with the lemon juice kisser

Gambles on

Left in the lurch

With a bad bet and two bits

In his pocket

Bets on horses, bets on numbers,

Bets his meals, bets on dames.

Paulette with her shoe polish eye lashes and ether perfume

Flutters past her desire for money, desire for fame

Dances past Benny

Dances for rebellion

Dances for kicks

Dances for bets

Place your bets, kick up your heels

For the big payout

The big prize

The big day

Walkathon, marathon, dance-a-thon

Sham-a thon

Days go on

Hanging on

With those blisters and tears

Bet their last bets on broken hearts.

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