Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rue Du Tresor

Salted, leathery skin

With a scratch and dent smile.

Devilishly angelic

Muse, perhaps…

Reluctantly tells stories of

Time, space, philosophical connections between

Rising breath and dusty shoe soles

Separated by miniscule energy force on a quantum level.

Scraggly grey whiskers dancing with the golden dangling hoop

Almost hidden under the raindrop splattered sou'wester.

Mercurial and murky eyes glancing seaward,

Prancing back as twinkling aurora borealis orbs.

Myriad of passersby are

Undaunted by either side of the looking glass.

Trading a few shekels for a tale and a draught,

Handing out a laser tattooed memory and

Eternity on scroll.

1 comment:

  1. I think *I have met this fellow...he used to hang out near the place where the water met the flames. It was at the end of our street - where the lake boiled.