Friday, February 24, 2012


Bumper crop of zydeco roosters

Peddling their herbs and whey

Way back, wayward, looking for a way out

Arm wrestling for that dish of dried corn at the counter

Hen pecked, hand picked

Huskers and hucksters

Husky, well-bred do-rag bearing baron

Of that sordid, sleek smiling way

Smooth hair, smooth face, smooth talking,

Sweetheart of a cocky crow

Crooning that sweet Cajun ballad

Under the blue moon

Swinging between babes bouncing on your knee,

Bouncing checks, bouncing bouncers

Bouncing back from the fray

Be-bopping with the slug in the jukebox grin

Picking ice gators out of his teeth with a blade of swamp grass,

Boasting butter and crawdads

With a swig of turnip juice

All tuned up, nose turned up

Nobody turns up

Except those flashing lights looking for that flashing smile

Flashing something like a bracelet in the brake lights

As he doo doodles and pays his fare all the way.

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