Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Train car trekker hoboing to Hoboken

Dodging dustbowl dustbins

Getting out of Dodge with weathered boots

Torn coat, torn emotions

Escaping the derelict of duty deputies and boss yard batters,

Dented pocket watch outwitting

Lefse eating pickpockets

Pickpocketing under the radar, under the stars, over the top

Scoped out with dragon breath, dragging his butt

Out of breath

With any guise that keeps away the guys

In the iron clad carts caging coal chips,

Chips on his shoulder, chip on his lip

In the small comfort of the cattle carrier

In the warm straw and dung on the B & O (bed and odor)

Fighting off the battalions of losses and rotting livers

Among the rotting livery

Shattered mirror of a broken spirit, broken bones

Falling off the car

Dancing to that miracle song on the tracks

Under the tracks

Under the radar, under the stars

To that new beginning on the other side of the tracks

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