Monday, February 20, 2012

Sleepy Eye

The birch bark canoes and canvas sail tents

Are docked for truth

Water your horses, water down deals

Gnats and mosquitos pestering and sucking blood while

Patience runs dry and you do unto others…

Ceremonious moments

Flowery words, flowery fields

Prairies of deception

Rattling beads, rattling nerves

Draw your sketches, draw conclusions

Speak up! Speak your mind without acting like a fool

For all who do not agree with us are fools, right?

Offerings are left as bait for the rushing river

Bait for a signature, rushing for a contract.

Weave blankets, weave tales, weave smiles and condescension as

Drums beat, eardrums explode from silence.

The eagle cries

As a sacred feather falls to earth.

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