Friday, February 3, 2012


Bats breaching earlobes

Breaching etiquette, breaching breeches

Sucking dry energy and compassion.

Buzzing their ultrasonic sonar, radar, lunar lectures in my ears.

Gathering at the hearth of regret

Burning patience, scorching wits, singeing nerves, burning out.

Gnawing at abandonment,

Spitting the remnants at my exasperated toes.

Check your guilt at the door with your coat and hat, please!

Daft benign agents of envy

Issuing orders without authority, edict, command

Falling on a greased back

Ducking the stares. Aim. Duck, duck again!

Recycle that blame laden handkerchief that you spuriously toss at me,

Infected with rabid slights planted and nurtured years ago

In a hidden cave of hostility

Battling for loyalty to the dishonorable flock

By spewing guano and vinegar (???)

As your demands amass in a mound.

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