Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Liquid Bravery

Press the button for help

As those white origami doves are flying

Around my head

The tropical fish in the tank

Are on a loop

With that same bubble coming out of

The neon striped fish’s mouth

Right above the coral

As the harpsichord keeps playing

That same haunting tune, over and over,

As I keep pressing the button,

The lady in the blue pantsuit

Thinks I am seeing angels hovering

But I know better because angels don’t fly in a loop

And attack at that same point

In the harpsichord music.

I just want to go home to a cat and a face that I love!

They say I’m a hero,

But I keep pressing the button

And horrific faces fly off the TV to make me cry.

I can’t be a hero

As I dodge the bloody faces

And the paper doves spinning in a loop

While the coral and the fish are in the water

Bubbles are coming from my mouth

Music is repeating in my brain.

I need to stop pressing the button.

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