Friday, February 17, 2012


chuckle-head go ahead and raise that flag
raise a toast as well
raise a toast to the opening day of aspiring human season
wherein we all try our best
to try our best
as long as our best does not need to be our best

if you hold that door for that roto-rooter man
his dodgy little fingers and his dodgy little thumbs
might not smear God-knows-what
upon the handle
but then, that would be trying our best
and we might not need to do our best in trying our best

would you shout a little louder, dear chuckle-head?
shout a few decibels louder, for I can nearly hear that air-compressor
over your dulcet tones
shout, you chuckle-head, for that would not require you to try your best
just to try
try something, anyway

as the zephyr winds roar through my colon I am reminded of that one man
that one man who made the foolhardy mistake of trying his best
and making sure that his best was his best
he gained the laughs
of the noodle-suckers
and the chip-dippers
and the cheese-melters
and the chicken-plucking church-goers
they all laughed
and hung him out to dry
because his best
had been his best

so anyhow, chuckle-head, go ahead
and raise that flag
and raise a toast to the opening day
of aspiring human season

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