Monday, March 5, 2012

Centipede Venti

Lazy minions begging favors where none are deserved

Citing biological connections along with an aversion to assist and

An allergy to parental units

Ignorance of necessity while defying their own words with hypocrisy.

Claiming offence

In that particular game of justice

Does not excuse when inflicting those soul sucking miseries on others

While averting challenges and confrontation.

Predatory offspring clawing at patience

Shredding to scraps what was once kind, loving and innocent

Manipulating with insincere excuses

Greedily sucking out the remnants of marrow

Only sharing blame on the sins of the parent

Scarring better judgment with excuses by

Relinquishing duties

Squandering that last chance of forgiveness

Imprudently wasting dignity

Dishonoring with heavy lidded drama by

Scraping off the scale of pain

Leaving open wounds, fresh scabs

Maiming the only one who defends the offender

Wearing a burlap shirt

Mimicking crocodile tears dripping through the dirt

While hiding in the luxury of a gilded garden maze.

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