Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Ducking the verbal misogynist shrapnel that is barraging our ears

We observe him blatantly shoveling his own grave

As we all smile and dispel our disgust

Because he hates enough for the rest of us

Spurns God, spurns atheists,

Hates women, hates dogs,

Detests men who are not real men

Loathes men who like men

Hates right wingers, hates left wingers,

Despises all wings: angelic, demonic and Buffalo

He is revolted that women vote (the worst turn in American History!)

He wouldn’t marry that famous heiress, despite her money

Because she, like all women, will eventually ask questions???

(Lucky you, Paris!)

Everything is a problem, everyone is wrong

Skewering any remaining dignity,

He brags a best friend in his dented pick-up truck

Caused by too many late night lampposts and ditches

Not his fault, of course! Damn ditches - they’ll get you every time!

As we all look around for those men who used to be his friends

We find that even their shadows have long deserted him and his hatred.

1 comment:

  1. "Despises all wings: angelic, demonic and Buffalo."

    What a great line! Despises All Wings would actually be a great name for a band.