Friday, March 2, 2012

High Standards

Hand out index card checklists of morals

You checked boxes 1, 3 and 37, so you are admitted

Your sister checked off 1, 4 and 38, so she is not

Checklist admittance is full determination of who you are

Whether you are or are not qualified

Only those with perfect moral values will be accepted,

Unless of course they don’t have perfect moral values,

Then they should look like you with that green eye in your forehead

Unless of course they don’t, but they wink like you

Unless of course they don’t, but they sing that song

That you heard your granny sing, but you despised your granny

But she was blood,

So you can gain admittance if you are kin,

Unless you are from Uncle Eddie’s family who say they are,

But are not because of hanky-panky on Auntie Lela’s part

So you’re not really one of us,

But you wear a lock of hair inside your ear like us

And if you don’t, you can act like

Bryan’s uncle who was really cool, but

You can’t be really cool,

Only cool enough to make the rules

And based on that you are the only living person

Who can gain admittance.

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