Monday, March 19, 2012

Connections Part Two

When I saw my crow friend today,

I told him that nice people inquired after his well being.

By the way he looked at me with his head tilted,

I could tell that he was quite taken back

That humans were concerned about him

And now he was surely doing better

Since he was enjoying a substantial meal on the street.

I won’t repeat what he ate

Because we usually don’t relish what crows prefer.

As I sat on the curb, I told him that I heard

About the stunt he pulled

(Done usually by those hyper sparrows or evil geese)

By dropping a message on a moving police car windshield

So that it had to pull over near the delinquent liquor store

Correcting their clock violation,

Keeping at least one person on the straight and narrow last night.

I swear he flashed a contented smile,

Feeling like he did a good deed, preventing litter

And keeping stray greasy junk food off his asphalt platter

So, the crow cawed out a few other crow secrets

Like how crows have a sense of humor and play games

Not video games, of course,

Because those flashy, geeky toys hurt their beaks,

But crow games that involve swooping and gliding,

Not to be confused with swooping and diving

At people who irritate them.

That’s no game, just revenge.

Although I was enjoying our conversation,

I could tell he wanted to go without being rude as

It was a beautiful sunny day

And he just wanted to hang with the crows today,

Soaking up some rays.

He thanked me for everyone’s concern by doing a little sideways jig

Then he winked and made a crow kissy sound as he flew off,

Making me smile all the way home.

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