Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Somebody's Toast

Invited last night to a swarming soiree

Hosted by the ever charming Maria Sangria

Engulfing her guests at the table of unrest

Putting them quickly at ease with her intoxicating manners

While her friend Rosa stands erect at the center of attention

Held firm and close by her faithful companion Slim

Drawing out wistfulness and amour

Making all a bit sad

Despite the attendance by the ever sweet Marguerite

Who alone is fine but together with her strawberry blonde sister

Is too syrupy and over the top

Captain Morgan starts to create a bit of swoony chaos,

Turning the party into a commotion

Yes, I‘ll rename him Captain Commotion, although he did add a tot of spice

I was ready to leave, but when I got up, Tequila Tex walked in

Made me a tad weak at the knees when I caught sight

Of his liquid moves in that alluring Silver Patron style

Accompanied by those two old pals, the swaying seafarers,

Who always greet me warmly with a big smile

When I call them the Salty Dog and Larry the Limey

Always startling and jostling with a hoot and a holler

With their husky vocal cords

Until the uninvited Bobby Breathalyzer showed up

Offering me and all of my friends a limousine ride with a cot and a nap.


  1. Love! (Especially Maria Sangria!)

    1. Thank you so much! She is a great hostess.

  2. Hmmm...why does this speak to me as it does?


    1. I am sure that you are well acquainted with all my friends...:) Thanks!