Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Left Bank

Sold out Sadie

Selling paintings

Washed up on a beach

Washed out dress

Washed out socks in the bathtub

Stinky socks, stinky life, stinking drunk

Socks in a bathtub making her leave

Her solidified paint and petrified lover

Selling out her gallery to a kitchen sink

In the basement for a drink

In the life of a baron

Who holds no land or title,

Just more barren bathtubs and sinks

Selling out and selling drinks

Quasi life, half-life, never strife, kill the wife

Selling out sailors

Stealing from bankers

Selling out tellers and

Closeting her boss for cocktails in cellars.

Stellar cellars, I might add.

Leaving the barren for an oil baron

Sealing his fate, stealing his plunder,

Ever reigning

Eyes are raining in the trail of desolate conspirators left behind

No more paintings, no more strife

No more money, no more wife,

Just a washed up dress on an oily beach

With sunglasses and a fresh drink.

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