Monday, March 26, 2012


screwey makes a bladderdash
as the crankmouth king holds court
with a mothermint and hotpie
making fishmouth lines and faces like death

sugarplum nectar and sugarplum rain
sugarblood hotdish and sugarblood rain
and the hotpie hotdish steams and heats and burns 
and burns away to dust
as the crankmouth king watches screwy make his bladderdash
crankmouth bile all over tile floor
masks the bigmac odor and the supersized eyes
yellow bile and golden arches
fire up the crankmouth king
gimme that! gimme that!”
grab for the cup and the little tiny bag
crankmouth king with a hoopoe smile
suck that mothermint hotpie, crankmouth king

(tonight, tonight, tonight)

crankmouth king lies with his cheek in bile
(and just a little blood, my sweet)
(the blood is only there for color)
screwey made his bladderdash and never washed up
his hands had smears and his trousers leaked
sloshysweet walk back down the hill
("no bus tokens, you f**k!")
(he shouted that, you know)
(shouted it to all who cared to hear)
screwey made his bladderdash
for a holed-up hope and hotpie dream

crankmouth king makes an oh-so elegant corpse

1 comment:

  1. I had a severe GI bug recently, and reading this poem just made me feel much, much better. Thank you.